Thursday, 27 June 2013

Kidnap Kid - Thin Lines

I first fell in love with Kidnap Kid after listening to 'no-one else' and 'be mine', with it's blended cut vocals, ingenuity and raw energy it instantly grabbed me . His latest tracks have a more polished cleaner sounds with crisp vocals, take 'animaux' and 'so close' for example. 'Thin Lines' follows this pattern, a soft instrumental with a clean warm vocals, an enjoyable listen. Kidnap Kid like many artists has matured and developed over time, don't get me wrong his releases in 2013 have been good, I've downloaded all the tracks, however I would like for him to maybe experiment and throw us something new. But I do see the point some of you may make, he's making a good music establishing a trademark sound which is also commercial. Putting this aside Kidnap Kid has progressed into one of the leading men in the genre releasing hit after hit with an instantly likable sound.

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